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The App Service team is re-thinking app development for a mobile first, cloud first world. Join us now and help shape the cloud development experience of tomorrow.

How we build it

Data Science

The analytics team is focused on instrumenting, persisting and analyzing our customer behaviors. The team leverages big data technologies such as Hadoop and Azure ML to extract business insights and customer recommendation from the App Service infrastructure. The data is used to improve our business offer and provide customers with advice on how to improve their app performance and reliability.

Developer Experience

Entrusted with making App Service the coolest development experience in the cloud. The DevEx team owns programming languages and stacks, CI integration (such as GitHub and Visual Studio Online) as well as a bunch of other cool projects like the Azure Resource Explorer.

User Experience

Members of the UX team are in charge of providing beautiful and intuitive experience for the App Service users. The team works against a backlog of features built by the various other teams as well as other Azure teams and external partners. The team ships on tight sprint schedule and leverages telemetry and usability studies to continuously improve the customer satisfaction level.

Live Site

Delivering on our promise of reliability, performance and scale. This team builds the tools, data analysis pipelines and processes necessary to monitor and fix issues as well as make sure they don’t happen again.

Service Core

Building the features required to deliver a seamless platform experience spanning more than a 100 thousand servers and 12 data centers. The team works on delivering APIs, scale unit architectures and differentiated features such as Staging Environments and Testing in Production.

Private Cloud

bringing the power and flexibility of Azure to private and hybrid clouds, this team handles making sure features translate well to data centers beyond the Azure cloud and that the developer experience remains consistent and easy to integrate.

Web Core

Delivering the features needed to support billions of hits per day and the low level OS optimizations needed to ensure great performance, diverse language support and industry leading security. The Web Core team owns some of the core Web server components and the networking layers connecting the service tiers.

Application Health

This team makes sure developers are able to quickly and easily diagnose and repair issues with their applications. The team delivers the ability to diagnose issues, setup auto healing rules and proactively warn developers when bad things are about to happen.

API Apps and Management

Building the tools, SDKs and services needed by organizations large and small to discover, deploy, create and monetize APIs and then to manage access, distribution and gain insights into API consumption.

Do you see yourself here?

UX Engineer

Take the opportunity to impact the day to day life and productivity of millions of engineers. Focus your energies on devising ways to make Azure developers more successful developing cutting edge cloud backed applications for any platforms. Utilize the latest client side technologies to create awesome experiences and deliver them into production quickly.

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Backend Engineer

Tackle the challenges of building and maintaining a cloud service that grows more than 20% MoM. Leverage your design and coding skills to build reliable components and innovative features aimed at making Cloud development and DevOps easier for your users.

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System Engineer

Building a platform that serves billions of hits a day requires optimizations at all levels of the stack from web traffic routing to protocol implementation, security hardening and performance optimization. Join the team that consistently innovates on the core aspects of performance, security and OS level reliability.

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Data Scientist

Use a comprehensive data set to drive innovation in customer acquisition and retention as well as in optimizing costs and improving reliability for a major cloud service. In Azure App Service we collect customer behavior, system reliability and capacity data that is consistently growing in volume at a brisk rate. Leverage your data science skills to help us improve our product by diving into one or all of these areas.

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Program Manager

Leverage data, customer empathy and your technical know-how to help deliver cutting edge developer and DevOps experiences for a major cloud platform. Drive an ever improving iterative approach to make sure you get it right and keep listening to feedback and customer asks. Demonstrate your business acumen by understanding the cloud marketplace, the competition and potential partners. Work with an amazing group of engineers to bring the best ideas into production and in front of the biggest possible set of user.

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